Public Jobs

Bids due in 10 days
12/19/19 2:00 pm
Headquarters Fire Station - Naches - Yakima FD 3 (Sub Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Naches, WA
The Project includes a single story building of approximately 7,260 sq. ft. that will house Fire District emergency responder personnel with (3) drive through vehicle bays (an add alternate for a 4th vehicle bay at 1,267 sf), crew living areas as well as other fire service related support spaces. Project also includes the development of the 45,577 sf project site which involves site clearing, excavation & soil replacement, new building, paving base support, storm water systems construction, concrete and asphalt paving, frontage, offsite improvements and permanent utilities.
Bids due in 21 days
12/30/19 3:00 pm
Fire Station 42 - Yakima FD 4 (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Yakima, WA
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Base Bid: Includes, but is not limited to, asbestos abatement, limited demolition of existing structure, new footings & foundations, CMU block work, wood framing, roofing, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, installation of water main (for fire sprinkler system), Generator, doors & hardware, windows, casework, drywall, painting, acoustical ceilings and floor coverings also concrete flatwork and asphalt paving and striping. There are two Alternates, one for a Canopy (Alt. A) and for the Apparatus Bays (Alt. B).
Bids due tomorrow at 10:00am
12/10/19 10:00 am
Vintage Valley Parkway (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Zillah, WA
Construction of a new intersection at Buena Road and Vintage Valley Parkway, Buena Road widening, roadway extension, multi-use pathway, roadway resurfacing, sidewalks, illumination, storm drainage, water main, and sanitary sewer force main. Approximate major quantities include 9,295 TONS HMA, 31,470 TONS crushed surfacing, 30,810 LF curb and gutter, 1,820 SY concrete sidewalk, 5,020 LF watermain, and 4,920 LF sanitary sewer force main.
Bids due tomorrow at 9:00am
12/10/19 9:00 am
West 14th Place Outfall and Miscellaneous Storm Sites
Total Site Services
Kennewick, WA
The construction project consists of the installation, repair and abandonment of storm drywells, connecting to existing storm lines, installing approximately 230 lineal feet of 10 and 12-inch diameter storm line, installing approximately 486 lineal feet of 18 -inch diameter storm line, installing approximately 120 lineal feet of 12-inch diameter slotted drain pipe within the City of Kennewick right-of-way.
Bids due tomorrow at 5:00pm
12/10/19 5:00 pm
Elliot Lake Sewer O&M Road (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
The project is for re-establishing an existing 0 & M road that has been over grown and inaccessible. Work includes, but is not limited to, construction of the following: Clearing and grubbing approximately 2400 lineal feet of vegetation and trees, establishing a 12 foot road using CSBC and Quarry Spalls, 1 gate, and any additional work as may be necessary in accordance with the conditions listed in the Specifications, Contract Plans, and Contract documents.
Bidding Closed
11/25/19 2:00 pm
CWU - Stephens Whitney Residence Hall Int. Remodel (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Ellensburg, WA
The work consists of the interior remodel of fifty-seven (57) student units and two (2) apartments, to include new finishes, fixtures and casework, and replacement of plumbing piping in the utilidor (Tunnel) and vertical chases (including buried piping under the first floor slab), from the Mechanical Room (H1)
Bidding Closed
11/19/19 10:00 pm
Cosecha Court 2 Phase 2- Rebid (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Granger, WA
Work of the Project includes the construction of two new residential buildings and one new community building. These buildings will be located on property to the east of Yakima Housing Authority’s Cosecha Court 2 phase 1 project.
Bidding Closed
11/12/19 12:00 pm
Pipeline Projects 2019-2020 (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Pasco, WA
The construction project consists of enclosing six open irrigation laterals with pipelines. The 18, 21, 24,30, and 42 inch diameter pipelines will be constructed in the centerline of existing laterals or rights-of-ways. All work shall be within the existing USBR right-of-way and designated work zones.
Bidding Closed
11/13/19 12:00 am
Battelle ESC Lab - Earthwork & Utilities (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Richland, WA
This Energy Science Center (ESC) project will provide ~138,000 SF of high-performance laboratory infrastructure to support world-class research. The construction will be a structural steel building with research lab modules fed from an interstitial MEP area and include office space for ~200 users. This is specifically for earthwork and utilities.
Bidding Closed
11/14/19 3:00 pm
Sunnyside High School Additions (Sub-Bids to Total Site Services)
Total Site Services
Sunnyside, WA
Documents, the work of the Contract can be summarized as follows: 1. Work includes demolition of existing site elements, new site work, paving (hard surface) revisions, new building construction and additions at Fine Arts (3,895 SF), new Greenhouse (2,100 SF), new 600/700 Two-Story Building (31,816 SF) and new Team Rooms (5,896 SF). The overall new building area is approximately 43,707 square feet of new construction+ site work, no modernization, no nonmatchable and no other non-matchable anticipated. 2. Construction elements include conventional reinforced cast-in-place concrete foundations, floor slabs, along with steel and masonry veneer. Site work elements are required to accommodate the new building construction work. 3. Exterior doors are Hollow Metal door/frame assemblies. Exterior glazing systems include aluminum windows and aluminum curtain wall door/window systems. Exterior glazing is low-e tempered glass with solar bronze tint.4. Interior building construction elements include gypsum board attached to metal framing or wood framing. Interior doors are solid core wood doors in hollow metal frames. 5. Interior finishes include painted walls and other surfaces, carpeting, walk-off carpeting, resilient flooring, ceramic tile walls, ceramic mosaic tile floors, gypsum boards soffits, and suspended acoustical ceilings. 6. Specialties, equipment and furnishings include marker boards, toilet accessories, cabinets and accessories, signs and miscellaneous specialties. 7. Mechanical work includes plumbing systems and fixtures, heating and air conditioning systems. Site mechanical work includes service piping and lines for water and sanitary sewer and fire sprinkler system. 8. Electrical work includes distribution systems, lighting fixtures, fire alarm work, data/phone work. 9. Site work includes plumbing storm drainage systems, water system, earthwork for new improvements, concrete walkways along with asphalt paving and landscape, irrigation work and fencing, as indicated on the drawings.